Live Evil t-shirt designs

The most genuine metal festival in London is here again:  Live Evil is this weekend, and there will be t-shirts for sale with this design.  They'll be printed in baseball shirts and a variety of colours including - I believe - a pale yellow for that faded RPG product feel.

There will also be some zines for sale of all new work by yours truly - a  spearate update will follow detailing this publication, WHISPERING EYES and explaining how you can get one.

Shirt design front and back follows.

More linocut designs: The Savage

In March I posted designs for a short comic entitled The Sewer, written by my friend Giles Morgan and to be rendered in linocuts.  Since then we've decided that it will form one of a collection of 5 stories, all linocut stories with a macabre or elegiac feel.

Here are some assorted pages for The Savage, another story from the twisted mind of Mr Morgan, this time set in Paris.  You'll have to wait for the book to see the conclusion.

Dungeon Crawl Classics DM screen: 1st ed demons!

A bit of a foray outside the comfort zone here in full colour - some demons rolled up randomly using the glorious 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide APPENDIX D: Random Generation of Creatures from the Lower Planes.  Designed to unsettle and terrify my players during the rest of our campaign.  Both denizens deserve no appellation.

Monster Illustrations from The Bay of Tinspuriox

A short hiatus while I moved home.

I ran the game at Eurogamer HQ and a great time was had by all.  Many thanks to Donlan, Tom, Dan, Bertie and Martin for having me, and demonstrating the incredible stories that can arise when you combine elf racism, wands of polymorphing, and dog-throwing.  Also a moral for all of you dog-lovers out there - anonymous barmaids make good basset hounds.  Donlan has written an article about his experiences here

Below are images of two monsters they fought with, and one that they didn't encounter, luckily for them.